• Bank Transfer: GBP 1= KES130.7
  • Cash Pickup: GBP 1= KES130.7
  • Pay bill: GBP 1= KES130.7
  • Mobile Money: GBP 1= KES130.7

Frequently Asked Questions:

Continental Money is a Provider of payments across borders 24/7 with secure money transfer solutions.
Unrivaled exchange rates matched with competitive fee structure gives our customers value for money. International airtime top up and online purchase services are also available to Continental Money customers worldwide.
Continental Money provides a convenient, secure, and cost-effective means of sending money to family and friends.
  1. Go to our home page.
  2.  Select payment option i.e bank account or Credit/Debit card. Use the calculator to get exchange rate and fees then click on "Send Now" button. Select payment option: bank account
  3. Remit Money: Input amount you wish to send and automatically get the amount the beneficiary will receive in local currency. You will also see the sending fees & the forex rate.
The recipient receives the funds through a mobile money account (M-Pesa, AirTel Money), a bank deposit or cash pick up.
The exchange rate may differ from time to time but is prominently displayed on the website. We guarantee our customer highest exchange rates

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